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Longtime MAFFI Supporter Passes Away in Michigan
by Stan Johnson, former MAFFI President
When I first became aware of the Model A Ford Foundation I quickly realized that then-President Howard Minners had assembled a board of Trustees that looked and acted like champions. When Aldie Johnson, Sam Nixon and Bob Anderson walked into the room you saw that they were big men (all were well over six feet tall), carried themselves like royalty, were expert Model A'ers, and were as pleasant as anyone you will ever meet. All of them donated outstanding vehicles to the Model A Ford Museum, and laid the groundwork for the success of the Foundation. Sadly, all of them are now gone. Aldie Johnson and Sam Nixon passed away several years ago, and now in recent days Bob Anderson has joined them. Bob was the Trustee who supervised the extensive work done by the Foundation at the Benson Ford Research Center. The uncategorized boxes of Model A Ford Mechanical Drawings containing tens of thousands of photographic negatives were examined one by one and recorded in an orderly process that resulted in an index of these drawings. The index is now available to everyone (see: http://www.maffi.org/partsresearch/) and are the basis for many accurate reproduction parts now available for Model A restorations. As the museum took shape Bob Anderson was an avid supporter and donated two beautiful vehicles, a 1929 Phaeton and a 1930 Cabriolet. These vehicles remain in the museum today as a physical tribute to Bob and his lasting Model A legacy.


Not just Model A's on display, but history, interactive iPads and a plane!
Below are a few PDF files that showcase some of the exciting displays that can be seen in detail when visting. Click each link to see more.
·1903 Tonneau ·1924 Model T ·1928 Business Coupe ·1928 Thomas Edison Car ·1928 Tudor ·1929 Deluxe Delivery ·1929 Platform Truck ·1929 Roadster ·1929 Standard Pheaton ·1929 Taxi Cab ·1929 Town Sedan ·1930 Cabriolet ·1930 Deluxe Roadster ·1930 SchoolBus ·1930 Oil Tanker ·1930 Gordon Smith Compressor ·1930 Service Truck ·1930 Standard Coupe ·1931 Deluxe Phaeton ·1931 Convertible Sedan ·1931 Closed Cab Pickup ·1931 Good Humor Van ·1931 MailTruck ·1931 Slant Windshield Cabrolet ·1931 Station Wagon ·1931 Victoria ·Assembly Line ·Fashion Cab A ·Fashion Cab B ·Fashion Cab C ·Fashion Cab 5 ·Henry Bust ·Misc Cab ·Plates and Toppers ·Pietenpol Airplane


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