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Bob Rentz of Albuquerque, NM, assembled a large and diverse collection of 333 original Model A Ford factory photos, all 8.5 x 11 inch size. These photographs represent an incredible wealth of documentation about how the Model A looked as it left the factory. Many of the photos are Ford publicity shots that eventually appeared in newspaper, magazine and sales literature. Other views portray close-up views of production model details. The educational and research potential for Model A restorers is outstanding. Bob generously donated all of these photos to MAFFI.

In October 2005, at the Hershey AACA, MAFFI Trustee Howard Minners found and purchased an album with 61 original photos showing commercial Model A's. Howard loaned these photos to MAFFI to add to the collection so that they could be scanned and prints made available. Additional photographs have been donated by Tim Johnstone and Tim Kelly. Ron Ehrenhofer and Stan Johnson have scanned the photos at a high resolution. The resulting digital files have been electronically stored which will allow rapid downloading and printing of high quality copies.

The Foundation now offers copies for sale at all summer MARC and MAFCA national meets. The photos are of considerable assistance to restorers because they show details of the way the vehicles looked at the time they were delivered from the factory. MAFFI continues to seek to borrow and scan additional factory-era Model A Ford photos, both passenger and commercial.

MAFFI'S Model A Factory Photo Reproduction Service

MAFFI'S collection of nearly 400 factory photographs is now available for viewing online. Images are separated by year and can be viewed by clicking on the photo number. These are small thumbnail prints to give you an idea of what photos are available. Photos can be ordered at National Conventions or via email to the MAFFI office. Copies made during Conventions are priced at $5 each. Copies ordered from the MAFFI Office are $5 each plus $1 for postage. Multiple copy orders, please add $2. Sorry, no copies are available via email.
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